Announcing the newest Nifty-Gadget: The Quarter Marker beacon!

Quarter Marker
beacons are the smallest and flattest LED marker beacons available. They also change
color! By flipping the battery over the LED changes from red to green (or red-to-yellow). So it's like getting two beacons for the price of one!

and Blink-it Beacons
Now Patented!

Snap-it and Blink-it beacons are miniature, less than 1" x .5" x .5" (2.54 cm x 1.27 cm x 1.27 cm), LED markers that attach to standard 9 volt batteries, for use on the stage, or other low-light level situations. They give off a small but very visible light (red, yellow or green) that help performers to find their marks, or to see the edges of platforms or equipment in the dark.

The Com-bit

is an external "call light" for the Clear-Com intercom system. When attached inline with any part of the system, the Com-bit will light up when the "call light" button is pressed anywhere in the system.