INTRODUCING Illumineering's newest Nifty-Gadget:

Quarter Marker™ Beacons

Quarter Marker beacons are the smallest beacons available. Approximately 1 inch (2.54 cm) in diameter and about the size of a quarter, Quarter Markers are very thin and virtually unnoticeable.

Quarter Markers
also change color!  With the (included) CR2032 lithium coin cell battery's (+) positive side facing UP, the Quarter Marker's LED will light up red, then when you flip the battery over (change the polarity), the LED changes to green! (also available in red-to-yellow.)  

It's like having two beacons for the price of one!

Included with the Quarter Marker is a small strip of colored plastic, or gel.  This is the OFF Strip. To turn the device OFF you simply slip the plastic strip under the top battery contact until the LED "turns OFF".  This is much easier than removing the battery each time.

Quarter Marker beacons will last for approximately 120 hours on a new CR2023 lithium coin cell battery.  Each Quarter Marker™ (
red/green, or red/yellow) comes with one battery.  Replacement batteries can be found on our Orders page.

Some ideas for Quarter Marker beacons

Marking center line and quarter mark for dance companies.
Like the Snap-it beacons, Quarter Markers are much easier to see than glow-tape, so dancers can easily find their marks. Quarter Markers can be used on the edges of flats or "hard legs". They can be placed discretely to help a performer an find his or her mark.


Quarter Marker beacons can be put almost anywhere.  They can be held in place with tape, or Velcro® dots, or "Poster gum."

Door Knobs, hand railings, and corners of tables, Oh My!
Because they are so small, Quarter Markers can be used to mark things you couldn't mark before. Like Snap-it™ and Blink-it™ beacons, they are battery powered, so they stay glowing as long as you need them. Unlike "glow" tape.